Saint Ninian’s supports several charities. For two of these, special collections are taken each year. These are:

SEND A COW:   supports farmers and country people in underdeveloped countries by providing livestock and teaching farming skills in order to help the people to become more self-sufficient . See

SPAFFORD CHILDREN’S HOMES:  helps disadvantaged children in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. See

In addition to the above, contributions of food are collected regularly for the HIGHLAND FOOD BANK: see The need does not go away, and this is an ongoing scheme: please continue to bring donations of suitable items to church.

The Church also tries to respond to crises which arise requiring everyone to help. In the past we have collected for the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal, and for the refugees. In 2022 we have collected for refugees from Afghanistan, and for the Bishop’s Lent Appeal for Ukraine.